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I missed my stop on the metro

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I am reading Roméo Dellaire’s Shake Hands with the Devil. Though I am only 142 pages in, and not even at the eve of the genocide, the foreshadowing with lines such as “Not one of the Rwandans at that party, linked by marriage or friendship to Canada would survive the coming genocide” make me profoundly sad.

The maze of roadblocks, arrogance and decisive ignorance Dellaire faced in Rwanda, along with my knowledge of the outcome at the end of those twists and turns makes it almost unbearable to read. I find myself wondering why I am choosing to read this, and how, with the knowledge that though we have the ability to say “Never Again”, we can let our apathy set in, and get caught up in the banalities of our own lives and fight about toilet paper, and stationary, while a country self-implodes on its people; or that countries only take part in peacekeeping forces, or a semblance of a “United Nations” when it promises to benefit themselves politically or economically.

Written by greenseamonkeys

June 23, 2009 at 8:53 am

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