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Angela and I are in the process of repainting our room. We are going to be adventurous; one of the walls will be an accent wall. I’ll post before and after photos soon-ish.  Before we could begin, we had to prep the wall.  That meant removing our 1000 Polaroids, photos and ridding the walls of the scars from our teen angst period.  Our (Italian) neighbour works in construction, so we asked him for some advice because, well frankly, Mattamy’s construction has been less than perfect.  When he came over, he silently watched us work like he’s QC (Quality Control) for a few moments before suddenly asking  “Where are your boys?”
I gave him a blank look and said “uhh, my Dad’s at work.”
“No i mean your boys;”
“Ohhhhh. I don’t have a boy anymore”
“He’s discontinued, eh?”
“Yea, discontinued”
“Well you should date Italians, they know how to do things”
“Well, Angela has a new boy, he knows how to do things but he busted his knee…..”

He then proceed to tell this to my mom, and then later that evening, my dad. Yep, neighbours: they’re always looking out for you.

Written by greenseamonkeys

July 2, 2009 at 9:55 am

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