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Despite occasional mishaps like crashing into curbs, or failing to change the gears properly, I am actually getting quite comfortable on my road bike and generally biking in traffic.  This morning, I woke up and biked to Kensington to pick up cheese for the cheese-nic before picking up a friend.  While I was waiting for her to answer the door, some random gangster-ish man dressed in a t-shirt, sweater and parka approached me and asked if I “knew the price of a needle and thread”.  I couldn’t decide if that was some code word for selling drugs or if he was serious.  Anyway it really creeped me out.

We biked to high park where we met up with two other friends.  The cheese-nic featured seven different types of cheese: 2 Smoked Mozzerella, 1 Mexican cheddar, 1 extra old cheddar, Brie, borsin,  and a mystery cheese.    The picnic also had rice and poppy seed crackers, homegrown raspberries, grapes and wine.   It was super delicious. I think I OD’ed on cheese today, but that’s okay because you can’t really OD on cheese. Afterward, we went for iced lattes at Ideal Coffee and sat on the patio beside a group who was super high. They were giving each other face paintings and massages and doing random dances.

*Disclaimer: I realize how random this entry is.  It lacks any form of coherence or progression of events, but I’m super exhausted from the cheese, sun, biking and meetings.  Sorry.

Written by greenseamonkeys

September 20, 2009 at 11:31 pm

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